Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Stuffing Myself Stitching

 I got Sunday Meeting out after Thanksgiving Dinner.  Turned her upside down to work on the trees.

Four trees on the hill done

Tree beside the church started
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with a lot to be thankful for.  I hope the change in location won't throw everybody off.


  1. I will follow you anywhere! Love the trees! What's the stitch, if you can share?

  2. I must echo exactly what Anne just said. I have to read your blog--it is always full of such wonderful work. Where you go so shall I. And I also am wondering what that tree stitch is--so unique! I must tell you that I just got my first (but hopefully not last) Ewe and Eye canvas. I must thank you for the nudge to get it in my stash. You really do make these canvases appealing. Thanks Steph!

    1. The tree stitch is the brainstorm of Amy Bunger, of course! Giant 4 way continental with colonial knots in the center of each diamond. So easy and fast. Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.